Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why I Dream About LEGOS

My mind has a hard time shutting down at night. I often continue the day in my sleep, dreaming about what ever is going on in my life.  This was especially bothersome in college, when I would often dream that I was studying or sitting in class. However, sometimes this works in my favor and I get to experience Disneyland all over again in my sleep.  Lately I have been dreaming about LEGOS and this says a lot about my life and our whole family these days.

Max is obsessed with LEGOs.  That is just the way Max works.  He is incapable of mild interest, he is either interested 100% or totally indifferent.  It all started when the Star Wars LEGO Wii game arrived from my father for Christmas.  Max's little world shifted and so did the rest of the family's, as Star Wars LEGOs took over our home.  Max was, and still is, willing to do anything to play it daily.  We use this to our full advantage and Max does a detailed OT/PT work out prior to playing.  While he plays, he sits on a therapy ball.  If we feel he has played too long, a brief mention of time has Max pausing the game and repeating his routine.  It is awesome!  To say I am thrilled with this development is an understatement.  The sound of the Wii starting up all but brings tears of joy to my eyes.  

The Bear Walk

The Crab Walk, with his bottom fully off the floor!

Getting ready to play Wii, with his Ketocal drink box at his side.  Notice the coaster, that was Max's idea!

Thanks to Max's buddy, Weston, he knows there is a full line of accompanying toys to match the Wii game.  Max and Weston are best friends and that means they discuss and play Star Wars every second that they are together.  Weston has the toys, Max has the Wii game, it is a match made in heaven.  It was not long before Max wanted to earn the LEGO toys he saw at Weston's house.  Yes, more motivation!  Max has started to make (I use this term loosely) his bed daily, he helps Caroline with the dishes and he is willing to do even more exercises to earn quarters.  All his funds are dedicated to his Star Wars LEGO account.  He has one small set already and is working daily at earning another.

Today I was watching Max play and I marveled at yet another layer of awesomeness to this LEGO phenomenon.  LEGOs take a lot of fine motor coordination.  This is quite a weak point for Max.  I watched him struggle this morning to get a tiny gun in a LEGO man's hand.  It took him so long I was able to run to the other room to get the camera.  He did not give up, and finally the gun was in place, just a second after I took the photo above!  Max's devotion to his beloved toys are giving his adorable little fingers a marvelous work out.  

Somehow, in two short months, LEGOs have transformed Max's day into one long occupational and physical therapy session.  The best part is that we are seeing results and he is having so much fun!  This more than offsets the fact that I find LEGOs in my purse and bed and that I have the LEGO Wii music permanently stuck in my head.  I dream about LEGOs at least once or twice a week, but it is worth it.  I count those dreams right up there with the Disneyland ones!  

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