Sunday, October 30, 2011

Waiting Room turned Party Room - 7, 5, 65!

Every year we have dinner with Mom and Jim the night before they leave for their seasonal migration to Tucson.  Since both grandparents and both children have Fall birthdays, the dinner is our time to honor the birthdays as a group.  The name of last year's party had much more of a ring to it, the 6, 4, 64 Party.  This year we referred to it as the family party a few times during the planning stage.  We then realized that we liked using the age numbers, even if they don't flow as well year to year. 

So I give you the 7, 5, 65 Party of 2011!  

We held the party later this year, since mom and Jim delayed their departure by a month.  They stayed in town in order to be around for the soccer season of their three granddaughters, who were all on the same team!    

Last year I went with a red theme, this year I went with silver.  My color choices are often made by what I already own.  I had some fabric that I purchased to recover a chair, but never used, which became the table runner.  With the addition of some silver paint on their leaves, my existing white pumpkins became our centerpiece.  Spray painting can get addictive, I bought some acorns and painted them to go with the pumpkins.  Realizing there was still some paint left, I painted small pumpkins silver to make place cards.  They almost didn't make it to the table!  It was a very windy day when I painted them (same day as the party).  I had them out side drying when Max announced that trash was blowing through the yard.  It was a mad dash, but I caught them all! Who would have thought that place cards could provide exercise?  I think the hanging of the numbers (the birthday guests ages) will become an annual tradition.  The kids really get a kick out of that, I am not sure their grandparents are as thrilled.  I used the same silver wrapping paper to make them that I used for mom and Jim's gifts.  

Caroline decided a special dress was in order for the evening and selected a very pretty silver and blue one from her closet.  She was trying to match the table, I love this child!  Since she was sitting by the front door already, waiting for everything to start,  I talked her into a few photos.  As you can see from the photos the wind that nearly took our place cards was still blowing.

Max soon joined Caroline by the front door to wait for Nana and Papa.  I really should have taken a video of them rather than photos, their delight and excitement was a great way to start off the evening.

After dinner Mom, Jim, Caroline and Max all exchanged their birthday gifts.  When I asked Max months ago what we should get his Papa, he said "A Nerf Gun!", without hesitation.  He assured me Papa loves guns and has loved them since he was a very little boy and we HAD to get him a gun.  I asked him what Nana would want.  His response, with a shrug was, " know, girl stuff."  Jim was indeed thrilled to get his Nerf gun and I made sure my mother got some nice girl stuff!

I can't get enough of evenings like this one!  Seeing the kids so joyful is thrilling for me.  Ray has often commented over the years how Max and Caroline really know how to LIVE life, and they do.  They eat up every minute that is served to them.  I thought in this parenting role I would be the one setting the example, not in this case.


  1. Happy Birthday to ....everyone. What a wonderful party. Loved the decorations and truly enjoy the lively expressions of Caroline and Max. Children give us such joy and we really do learn something wonderful by having them in our lives.

    Thank you for sharing.
    ^j^ Mrs.C.

  2. That's so true about Max and Caroline! They live life 110 percent and infuse joy into everything. I miss them! They infuse joy into ME!

    What a pretty party. I love the way you make everything so special. Happy birthday, Max, Caroline, Nicole, and Jim!

    Max in the photo with the Nerf gun is so funny--his whole body is saying, "See, everyone -- it's the most logical thing in the world to give Papa a Nerf gun."