Monday, August 15, 2011

And so we begin!

Yes, I have found a way to monogram home school!
Today was our first day of virtual school for Caroline!  I did my usual routine that I do for any new endeavor.  I lined up lots of support!  I was sure that I needed my mom to watch Max, I wanted Ray there to support me and to celebrate this big first and I expected to be 100% organized and ready.  That was the dream.  The reality was...well my usual reality, which included little of the dream.  I have noticed this trend over and over during the last few years.  I am always so sure I cannot do something on my own, so I plan and scheme and then I end up, due to circumstances out of my control, doing it all on my own anyway.

Ray ended up having to leave town to see his parents.  His father has been moved to a nursing home and he was anxious to get out there.  There was just not another weekend he could go, which I fully understood.  I have also been sick, very sick.  In fact I am still sick, and we are on day 8.   Being sick in the summer is no fun, it is even less fun when your husband is out of town.  I need an audience for my whining.  Illness also keeps a key person in my village away.  Due to health concerns that we have for Jim, my mother tries not to get near any of us when we are germy, and I have been the poster child for germs lately.  This meant there was no one to watch Max while I attempted my first day of teaching.

Despite all of that, I am happy to report the day went very well.  Caroline was so excited to start school it was contagious.  We began early in the morning.  She insisted we say the Pledge of Allegiance to kick things off.  I thought that was an excellent idea.  It was a good way to tell ourselves that it is now school time and no longer play time.  Max was a little prince of a boy.  He sat at our feet the whole morning playing.  He was listening to us and often repeating things as we were sounding out words.  It made me smile, kind of like a two for one deal! 

I realized in less than an hour that this way of schooling is a great fit for where we are right now.  Caroline has so much energy and rarely knows what to do with it.  She watches TV hanging upside down from a chair.  Maybe that is not energy, but it is something, she is unique child.  Between each subject we worked on today Caroline ran into the play area of our basement and swung around and around on the trapeze bar.  It was perfect for her and it left her refreshed and smiling.  At one point we did our own version of recess together with me on the elliptical and Caroline on the trampoline.  I was grinning from ear to ear.  This is good for all of us!  Part of her lesson today included a science experiment, which we did upstairs in the kitchen.  It was wonderful moving all over the house to work on things and it kept the school work fresh and lively.   I had high expectations for the curicullium and it did not disappoint.  It arrived last week and we have been itching to get started after seeing it all laid out. 

All of the Calvert books and supplies that were sent to us!

The beautiful flexibility of homeschooling was also illustrated today.  I knew by the weekend that it was time to call the doctor, so I did this morning.  We were able to stop what we were doing mid day and go into town to the doctor, never worrying about missing a school pick up time.  After the doctor I took the kids to our local bounce house for PE.  How fun is that?!  PE on a jumpy castle!  Max and Caroline had a blast and Caroline played with an old preschool friend who happened to be there.  They ran/jumped around for an hour and a half together.  I sat with my ipad and reviewed the materials for tomorrow lesson.  Everything that is pictured above is also available online, so I felt especially efficent working on it while they played.  We then had a quick dinner out (a must when Daddy is out of town) and then we came home.  Two exhausted kids in bed and one happy, but tired mother.

I am thankful for my support, I have an amazing family, but I am also thankful for the unexpected blessing of when the support is taken away.  Today I got to see that I can do this, even with a few hurtles thrown in, it is not only doable, but a lot of fun! 

So three cheers for a great first day!  Stay tuned for the school room tour.  You know there is always more than one level to my life, the level I live and then the level I decorate! 


  1. What a fantastic post! I am so excited for you and this school year to come. What a great experience for you all. Feel better soon!


  2. How wonderful that it was a great first day of school! Max is going to learn so much this year too! Hope you feel better soon too.

  3. Woo hoo!! What a wonderful day! I am so happy for you all as you strike out on this new adventure. What a lucky (and beautiful!) first grader. May I audit your class when I come in a few weeks? ;)