Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ben's Bells

Today Caroline and I took part in something very special! 

Caroline holding a Ben's Bell at Red Rocks Amphitheater

Some of you may have heard of Ben's Bells, a Tucson organization.  They were in the news right after the tragic shooting at the Safeway this year.  Ben's Bells blanketed the Tucson area with bells following the shooting.  

Ben's Bell's mission is to spread kindness.  Nine years ago, Jeannette and her husband Dean lost their three year old son Ben, very suddenly due to illness.  In her grief she realized that she may look normal on the outside, but on the inside she was filled with pain.  Jeannette began to wonder how many other people were just like her, hurting so deeply, but no one could tell by looking at them.  During that time the smallest acts of kindness kept her going.  Out of her grief and the kindness of others came Ben's Bells.  It started small, with the bells being made in their garage.  She and her family made bells and hung them around Tucson with notes encouraging people to spread kindness.  It grew and grew, and it is now spreading across our country. 

My friend Jenny helped to bring a wonderful gift to Colorado with her desire to make and distribute Ben's Bells.  This morning we met at Red Rocks Amphitheater to meet Jeanette and to get our bag of bells.  Many of my Super Mom friends were there.  We have all been so touched by other's kindness to us on our individual journeys.  Ben's Bells is a project we can all support.  It was a chilly morning with bundled children, and most of us bouncing from side to side to keep warm as we watched all the people who like to exercise in the amphitheater.  We had breakfast together and listened to Jeanette tell us about Ben's Bells and its mission.  Then we were handed our bells and sent off to hang them.  The goal was to fan out across the greater metro area hanging bells where others could find them. 

On the long drive to Red Rocks that morning, Caroline and I talked about all the kindness we have received from others.  This talk gave us an idea about how we would like to hang the bells.  To us each bell would represent a person.  We planned to hang the bells someplace that meant something to us in connection with our memory of their kindness.  This turned out to be quite a journey that had us driving well over 80 miles to hang our bells.  We went to two different hospitals, one store, two restaurants, four neighborhoods, two schools, one lake, one park and more.  With each bell we hung, we stopped and talked about why we selected that spot and who it was to honor.  The bells are very colorful and Caroline took great care in selecting which color went with which person. 

Caroline hanging the very first bell. 

Our drive became a mobile day of counting our blessings! 
I am so thankful to have gotten to be apart of Ben's Bells.


  1. Thank YOU for making such a meaningful day out of it too - what a gift!

  2. I LOVE this! And what a great memory and lesson to share with Caroline -- she'll remember this forever! You're a great mommy, my friend! Luv ya!