Saturday, February 5, 2011

Waiting Room Turned Party Room - a baby shower

I LOVE babies.  My mother said as soon as I was no longer a baby, I talked about babies.  I had a pile of baby dolls that were so real to me that I would tearfully beg my father to take good care of them when were traveling with out him. 

I used to think I would have a house full of real babies.  I planned on having four, but that plan had me starting my family at age 25 and does not always work out how you plan.  I also had a funny thing happen.  As much as I adored babies and wanted them, I found the care of them to be much more draining than I ever expected.  I suppose years of baby doll play do not really prepare you for motherhood after all!

After having Max, Ray and I were pretty sure that two children were a good fit for our ages and exhaustion level.  If more were to come our way we both agreed it would be best for another woman to bear them.  We have talked about adoption on and off for years.  We even researched it before having Caroline.  We just felt drawn to it.  When Max was about 2 we started talking about it again, but Max's health was such a wild card we thought we needed to wait.  When the Haiti earthquake happened we couldn't help but think about it, and then when we got Max's final diagnosis in November it again came up.  It was like a whisper from my childhood, where are the four babies?  Usually with in 24 hours of the whisper both children act up in such a way that I felt I was receiving a divine answer to the question, and the answer was always now is NOT the time.    

So it is not my time and I am at peace with that, BUT it was time for my friend Jennifer and her family.  I clearly remember almost two years ago when they started their journey to have a second child.  It was very exciting, but it turned out to be a long wait.  Two months ago, on a Sunday morning, that wait came to an end.  Jennifer and I were standing in the hall at church when her cell phone rang.  The birth mom that had selected them was going into labor!  Later that day she got to watch as her daughter Kaitlyn was born.  How thrilling! 

Today we had a shower to honor this wonderful, and down right adorable addition to their family.  I had a fun time getting out many of Caroline's baby items to decorate the table.  Tiny shoes, a carousel music box, knit caps and beautiful vintage baby things I had been given as gifts when she was born.  I found Ray's silver baby cup and spoon and a pair of his infant shoes.  I tried to borrow Max's silver rattle.  But he said No, that rattle is not for decor in his mind, no matter how nicely I asked.  Caroline and I had a great time decorating.  I found some left over fabric from the kids baby nursery that I placed on the table.  Caroline brought out some of her baby dolls to add to the over all look. 

My friend Lori helped out so much by bringing over a lot of great food.  Ray was a prince as always and did most of the cleaning up.  I love to entertain, but really I love to decorate for a party more than anything.  I like coming up with favors and tying napkins up with cute ribbons.  I enjoy setting the table and arranging a center piece.  When I step back I can see a trend here.  My love for entertaining is similar to that little girl of long ago with her arms full of baby dolls.  It is a lot of fun to play....but the real work of either a sleepless night with an infant, or scraping plates after a party can be exhausting. 

Having this party was the perfect blend of both worlds.  I got to decorate and hold a baby, and other kind souls did the rest of the work!  It was a great day!


  1. What a beautiful party!!! You have such a gift!

    We wanted more kids too...but that whole genetics thing stands in the way.

  2. Rebecca, I love how you decorated for this shower! And I am so glad you enjoyed it so much. Jennifer and Kaitlyn and all the guests must have had the best time. Great job!

  3. I think you are missing your real calling as a party planner. No cleanup necessary :)

  4. Rebecca, like you, I adore planning parties and setting up all the details. Do you read any party planning blogs? There are some great ones out there.

    Here are a couple of my faves:

    Looks like an adorable party. What an honor to be able to host!